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Thursday, June 14, 2018

COMMUNITY ECONOMICS | Edmonton Fall 2018 |

·       PINEYRO’S GENERAL CLEANING | Quality Business & Residential Cleaning Services | A family business owned & operated by Rodrigo & Jasmin, a lovely couple originally from Argentina & Mexico. We are lucky for Edmonton and Metro area is their home now – give them a call at 587.337.1844 | email: pineyrosgeneralcleaning@gmail.com (or) visit them online here: https://pineyrosgeneralcleaning.com | Very friendly. Thanks! 

·       MELNYK CONSULTANCY | Building the capacity of teams, individuals and organizations. New training courses just around the corner. About: Pauline Melnyk is a Change Management Practitioner/HR Professional focussing on organizational effectiveness, business transformation and program effectiveness. For more information, please call 780.417.2915 (or) visit her: https://melnykconsultancy.com … | Thanks! 

·       COLLABORATIVE LAW | Long Family & Collaborative Lawhttp://www.longfamilylaw.ca was founded by Edmonton lawyer Linda Long, QC in 2004. Long Family Law Group LLP – 780.461.8416 – has grown to 5 lawyers + one student-at-law supported by 4 full time staff. See their site for details | Thanks! 

·        LEGALSHIELD | T: 780.708.1460 | Smart, simple legal coverage starts here! Protect your family/business, and your personal identity with a simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield. Trusted, Effective, Affordable, Reputable. Call Cheryl Watts for a free consultation – or visit: https://cherylwatts.wearelegalshield.com … | Thanks!

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