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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


·       THE OTHER CANCUN! | JOSE CASTILLO TRAVELS | Hola: I run a small tourist service based in Cancun (Mexico) – I have several years of experience offering the services of transportation and private excursions to the main parks/archaeological zones of Cancun and Peninsula of Yucatan. You can trust my experience, knowledge & expertise – my mission is to do a friendly, effective and efficient job. I am also known for hosting and organizing quality private and cultural excursions. Always committed to meeting the needs of my customers I can tailor excursion packages suitable to your needs. Service, trust and competitive pricing are my values, ensuring the best quality of experience. To discuss your travel plans, do get in touch in confidence at: josecato18@hotmail.com | Tel: 521.998.136.7457 | Note: for prompt attention, use Code CGM-LCA.

·       INTERCULTURAL TRAINING | The Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative offers tailor-made meaningful workshops and training opportunities for organizations to gain awareness and skills about culturally responsive practice and collaboration. For details, visit: http://mchb.org/programs/cultural-competency (or) call: 780.423.1973

·       TRANSLATION & TUTORING SERVICES | Spanish – English – Spanish | For details: 780.474.6058 | e: leocamposa@gmail.com | www.tcng.ca

·       QUALITY & AFFORDABLE DENTAL WORK in CANCUN | Dr. Hugo Soberanis, an excellent & affordable professional and his team is seeking new clients, see: https://www.facebook.com/dentista.cancun ... For full details, email him directly at: hugosoberanis@hotmail.com | Note: for prompt attention, please use Code CGM-LCA. | Thank You! Gracias!

·       RELIABLE CLEANING SERVICE | Hola! I am available for residential cleaning services. If you need something done or if you know anyone who may, I would be grateful to know. I am affordable and a conscientious worker. Call 780.267.1220 | email: mdcarmengm67@gmail.com

·       EQUI-TEA MULTICULTURAL CATERING | We’re a social enterprise operated by the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative. Check our menu & let us be part of your event. Visit: http://mchb.org/programs/equi-tea-multicultural-catering | (or) give us a call at: 780.991.2799

·       FOOD LITERACY | Wish to explore a program where seniors and senior high school students get together to learn from and support each other? Activities include walking, playing music, dancing, cooking, dining, reading, talking, painting, etc. Info: 780.438.3060 | e: bsabet@shaw.ca | Thanks!

·       WAYFINDERS BUSINESS COOPERATIVE | Navigating the 21st Century Together | Our vision is to provide access to a variety of services to help you manage your business and/or your organization. Membership will enable you to use co-op resources to optimize the value you offer while earning appropriate returns. As a co-operative, Wayfinders does not exist to maximize shareholder profits but to provide the best available range of services to members at a reasonable cost. To join and learn further details, please visit: http://www.wayfindersbuscoop.com/index.php

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