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Friday, April 27, 2018

BOARD RECRUITING 2018 | Candora Society of Edmonton |

BOARD RECRUITING 2018 | The Candora Society of Edmonton is seeking Volunteer Board members interested in supporting the organization, at the board level & in partnership with community members. The Candora Society is a community-based organization in N.E. Edmonton www.candorasociety.com that works together with community residents to effect positive change in their lives and the community. The organization has a long history of grass-roots community development that is built upon a participatory learning approach & relationship based practice to help affect positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities. | Vision Statement: Candora is a positive ongoing presence where individuals, participants and staff have the skills and resources they need to build self-sufficient and prosperous lives in a healthy community.

Key Responsibilities of our Governance Board: Hiring the Executive Director, to operate the Society; Regulating employees’ duties/setting their salaries; Making policies for managing and operating the Society; Approving an annual budget for the Society; Approving contracts for the society; Making policies, rules, and regulations for operating the Society and using its facilities and assets; Ensuring that the Society assets  and property are maintained and protected; Ensuring all expenses for operation and managing the Society are paid; Ensuring that any extra monies are invested; Ensuring that the operations of the Society are financed; Ensuring that all accounts and financial records of the Society are maintained; Appointing legal counsel as necessary; Without limiting the general responsibilities of the Board, delegating its powers and duties to the Executive Director of the Society. | Term: 2 Years | Commitment: 9 (monthly) meetings per year & AGM. | 

TO APPLY > All those interested in serving (or) seeking more information can contact in confidence The Candora Society's Board Chair, Cynthia Johnson at: gcjohnson@telusplanet.net by June 3, 2018.

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