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Monday, February 5, 2018

RPM ENERGY SOLUTIONS | Professional Air Leakage Assessment |

DRAFTY HOUSE? Too cool? Too moist? Too dry? | Seal the leaks now! | Improve comfort and air quality. Control moisture. Save energy. Professional Air Leakage Assessment with RPM Energy Solutions | T: 780.430.0608 | e: gceaenv@gmail.com | The Problem | Air leakage accounts for 25-40% of building heat loss (Natural Resources Canada). Why spend thousands on new windows when a few hundred dollars for an air leakage assessment and sealing could cut these heat losses in half? 

The Air Sealing Solution | Comfort – Reduce drafts due to cold and warm air movement through leaks. Achieve even temperature in the home. Indoor | Air Quality – Reduce contaminants such as radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, cleaning chemicals, dust and small insects | Moisture – Manage discomfort, frost, mold and structural damage caused by uncontrolled humidity | Energy Savings – Air sealing is the single most cost-effective method of cutting energy bills in older homes. 

RPM Energy Solutions: Air leakage tested many homes in the Edmonton area as a Certified Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada’s Energuide for Houses Program. Personalized inspection, scientific measurement of air leakage and recommendations for sealing. Low-cost, thorough service. – 

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