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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY | Newcomer Seniors Project Edmonton

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY | Position: Employment Broker – Newcomer Seniors | Terms: Part-time (20 hours per week) | Context: The Employment Broker – Newcomer Seniors works with Sage Seniors Association,(Sage) the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative (MCHB), and Gateway Association to help newcomer seniors enhance their work search skills, develop workforce connections + secure customized employment opportunities. It is part of an innovative "prototype" seeking to assist seniors of immigrant and refugee backgrounds to address the chronic poverty they live in. 

Furthermore; the role of the Employment Broker is rooted in the principles of social justice and equity, and works within an anti-oppressive practice framework, with a focus on intercultural competent practice. It is a position funded for 3 years by Vital Signs Grant of Edmonton Community Foundation.

·      Responsibilities include, the following: individual employment discovery/job carving support for newcomer seniors; complete intake of newcomer seniors through discovery process to better understand their skills, strengths/interests, as well as potential barriers & necessary accommodations relating to employment and cultural knowledge in the Canadian context; identify and build relationships with potential industries and employers and work with both employers and newcomer seniors to find a good employment fit; work with receptive employers to carve out customized paid opportunities that meet the needs of newcomer seniors; identify potential barriers to employment participation and work to overcome them; support employer and newcomer seniors through job search and on-boarding process unique to each individual situation, and provide ongoing supports towards a healthy working relationship.

·      Cross-cultural education and bridging between newcomer seniors and employers – In collaboration with the MCHB's, develop and provide support in cultural competency training, overcoming language barriers and minimizing cultural misunderstandings through mentoring and coaching, supporting open communication, and problem solving with employers and newcomer senior employees.

·      Collaborate with colleagues at Sage, MCHB, Gateway, and other senior-serving organizations – Build relationships and a network of support among colleagues; along with the MCHB's provide cultural and language bridging between service providers and seniors on a case-by-case basis; be available as cultural resource persons for intercultural cultural competency staff training; be part of the on-going collaborative efforts among the partner organizations; Identify recurring systemic and policy issues that are inherent in the day-to-day support for seniors; connect and build relationships with natural and formal community leaders to strengthen the support within community for newcomer seniors; connect newcomer seniors to non-employment resources and social services; build relationships & represent the project and partner organizations as needed.

·      Evaluation & Client Data CollectionConduct ongoing project evaluation as outlined by the Program Logic Model and contribute to reporting and knowledge mobilization efforts.  Capture relevant client data for project learning and program planning.

WHO MAY APPLY: we are looking for an individual who has a deep interest in cross-cultural relationship development, enjoys being with seniors of divers culturally background, is humble and highly creative in seeking solutions to challenges, as well as comfortable with conflict and ambiguity. Salary Range: Up to $31,200 per annum.

TO APPLY | Submit CV in confidence to: yvonnechiu@shaw.ca by December 31, 2017. If you have any questions, kindly contact Yvonne at: 780.423.1973 |

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